Who We Are


Friendship Church is currently in a year-long process of reviewing and updating our Statement of Faith.  In the meantime, you will find Friendship to be “in the camp” of moderate conservative and evangelical.  Wow…labels…what a deal!


On the 28th of September, in 1873, a group of people met and formed themselves into an organization, which has constituted the Friendship Christian Church. In 1881, a frame building was erected, having a cost of $1800. With 122 members in the church, their situation was one of the most choice in the county, located eight miles northwest of Centralia in the midst of a rich and beautiful rolling prairie. The community is agreeable and friendly and the members of the church adhere closely to the principles taught in the Bible and those only.
In November of 1996, ground was broken for the fellowship hall. In the spring of 1997, the concrete for the foundation was poured. Late in the summer of 1997, the building started to be built. We held our first service in the new building on January 4, 1998. In February of 1998, members used marking pens and wrote their favorite scriptures on the concrete before the carpet was laid. Now, when we are there, we are literally standing on the WORD.
The new chapel was completed in 2004 but the first service held there occurred on Christmas Eve of 2003. In 2004, Friendship welcomed Daybreak Community Fellowship into the Friendship family.
Today Friendship Church continues to grow “deep and wide”. Sunday mornings include distinct “early” and “late” services. Friendship also offers small groups, youth groups and other ministry and fellowship at Friendship Place in town. This converted grocery store space that Friendship Church purchased and converted in 2005 is busy with these groups and also serves as the church office.


Friendship University is our curriculum for large and small group bible studies. We offer an array of 4-6 week small group studies throughout the year; along with our more permanent large group studies. such as Precept-upon-Precept Sunday evenings from September to April; Women of Faith based studies for our women on Monday mornings; and Celebrate Recovery to name a few.


FriendsCare is a direct community outreach program designed to minister to the needs of our community, illuminating the Light of our Savior Jesus Christ in order to serve Him by leading and encouraging others to His Grace and Healing.   We ask all our church members to fill out a “serving inventory” to help us discover the serving gifts that we can use to serve our church and community. 


Worship Arts consists of musicians, audio & video techs and others that have a passion to serve Friendship in the weekly worship services. Whether singing or playing music or video production, volunteers on the WORSHIP ARTS team play a vital role in the worship life of Friendship.